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Compare and contrast essays are compositions of multiple paragraphs and explain the way in which two or more subjects are same or different. Here compare means explaining the similarities between the subjects. When you contrast two things, you explain the ways in which they are different. helps the student to provide best essay writing services in the world. This essay writing service also provides proficient essay writers with doctorate degrees. The purpose of compare and contrast essays is to scrutinize the similarities and the differences of two distinguishable subjects. It uses these points to make an argument which is meaningful. You need to learn and practice some points which will help you to write an impeccable compare-and-contrast essay. They are as follows:

  1. Find two subjects to compare and contrast: This is the first step to writing a successful compare-and-contrast essay. You can choose the topics which fall into the same category but they have differences in some way. You can also pick two subjects which do not have anything in common. You can also pick the subjects which seem to be the same but are different.
  2. Subjects should be discussed meaningfully: A great compare-and-contrast essay always helps the readers to understand why the essay is interesting to put the two subjects together.
  3. Brainstorming the topic: Take time to brainstorm about your chosen subjects, whether they are similar or different. This will help you to see which points are the ones you can focus on or guide in formulating your essay or thesis. A Venn diagram will be useful to sort the information. Venn diagram is formed by overlapping two circles that compare two different subjects. Each circle will represent one subject.
  4. Consider main points: Providing a list of all the ways in which subjects can be similar or different in your essay. Choose few points that are important and you can compare-and-contrast them into your essay.
  5. Decide the structure of your essay: There are many ways to organize a compare-and-contrast essay. Subject by subject essay deals with all the points about both the topics. Point by point organization switches between points. The only advantages are that it is very clear. First compare and then contrast, this organization provides all the comparisons which have to be compared first and then contrasted.
  6. Organize your essay: You need to organize your essay with Introduction, body paragraphs, acknowledgment of arguments and conclusion.
  7. Outline: Outline the body paragraphs on the basis of subject-to-subject comparison. This organization method is very cumbersome and if you will choose it, your paragraphs will become the long lists of points on each subject. It will include an introduction, four body paragraphs, and conclusion.
  8. Organize all the individual body paragraphs: After choosing an organizational method for the body paragraphs, you will need to have an internal organization for each of the body paragraphs. Each body paragraph will contain the elements like topic sentences, body, and the conclusion.
  9. Put all the information together: Use the brainstorming ideas to fill the outline and use simple ideas to fill the evidence in your arguments. Always remember to explain the purpose of your essay. Write a good essay and then review it.

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Tactics by essay writing services to make your essay appear longer than usual

Students are often asked to write essays in their school or college time about the topics which they may or may not know much about. They find it tough and difficult to find the appropriate words that they can use in their essay. They try very hard to build an essay with anything and make it appear is here to help you with quality essay writing services. These best writing services will prove to be beneficial to you. This service also provides best essay writers in the industry. There are some tactics which can guide you to make your essay appear longer than it is:

  1. Your essay should not be devoid of quality. Remember that quality will always surpass quantity. It is best if you write a short and focused essay but it should be excellent. It should not be filled with the nuisance. Be sensible enough to try the methods involved in making your essay appear longer than it is.
  2. It is not really advisable that you use all the steps that are written below. You will fail at your attempt and it will seem obvious that you have only tried to do the blatant padding to your essay.
  3. If your essay seems to be much longer than it should be, you need to remove some of the steps from it or you have the problem that you write too much, you should check that you haven’t done any things which are jotted here.
  4. Remember that whatever you write, your teacher or professor is able to read it. You can also try to change the font size or add margins, but if you try these things in a college or a university, you are most likely to get bad grades or even fail.
  5. You can format the heading of the essay. You should add your name, date, the name of the assignment, class and your teacher’s name at the up right corner of the sheet. Give each of these elements their own line.
  6. You can also format the title of your essay. Once the title has been chosen, you need to write it at the top of your page. You can even choose a font size which is big and you can even make it bold and underlined. A long title should be a break from the middle so that instead of taking two lines, it takes one.
  7. Make sure that you use line breaks. This can be done after you have given the heading, after giving the title and between each of the paragraphs.
  8. Pay proper attention to the font and the font size. It is advisable to use Times New Roman font and make it 12 pt.
  9. Also, pay attention to line spacing. You can always customize the line spacing according to your choice.
  10. Choose the margins of the paper and do not let it be obvious. These margins are usually the ones that can be easily manipulated.
  11. After that you have typed your paper, you can bold the important word or phrases that you have used. Highlight only some of the text to a particular point and do not let it be more obvious.
  12. Make sure that you have used footers and do not use any contractions. You also should keep in mind to use minimal pronouns. You can also use a lot of quotations in your content.
  13. Draw out the conclusions which are not only limited to one paragraph. It will depend on the length of your next paper.

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Various methods to cite an essay by the best essay writing services

Whether you’re writing a dissertation, term paper, research paper or an essay, you need to cite your sources with the help of specific formatting styles. There are many types of styles which can be used. But generally, we use most common ones like MLA, APA, Harvard or Chicago styles. ensures that you get best essay writing services and also provide expert essay writers. This essay writing service also provides you with information regarding various academic projects. The style formats guide assures that the work material does support any plagiarism. The citations are an important part of research and should be followed very precisely. Ways to cite an essay with MLA, APA, and Harvard:

  1. Citing in MLA:-
    • Make sure that it is the correct style for your work material. MLA is a formatting style of Modern Language Association. It is used in disciplines like English, foreign languages, literature and cultural studies. You should be aware of your teacher’s preference about the formatting style.
    • You should recognize the two major components of citation. When you cite an essay, you add information in two places: Body of the paper and in the works that have come after it. Work cited is a bibliography that involves the lists all the sources used in the paper. The citation information that is included in the body of the paper and is known as “in-text citation.”
    • Include correct information in the in-text citation: You need to reference the material in your essay and the author should know the information that you are citing. A page number must be included that will tell the reader about the information they can source. In MLA, the citations should appear at the end of the sentence. You also need to learn where the citation is needed and select the apt method for adding it.
  2. Citing in APA:-
    • APA style stands for the American Psychological Association and it is widely used in business, nursing, social sciences, etc. You need to check the assignment sheets and the guidelines or even ask your professors to make sure that it is apt or not.
    • In APA, you need to add the third element like the year in which the essay was published. You also need to list multiple essays by the same writer in an alphabetical order. Also, add the designation of the letter to the year in the in-text citation which shows the discussion of the essay.
  3. Citing in Chicago style’s note-bibliography system:-
    • Decide the type of Chicago-style you want to use. This style can be used by a wide range of writers. It is used in subjects like literature, history, arts, etc. You also need to provide the notes at the bottom of the page or you can provide a full bibliography at the end of your text.
    • When you use the notes-bibliography system, you should cite a quote or idea by using a footnote. Place a number in the superscript and the sentence at the end which contains the borrowed material.

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